The Judge


The Judge stands boldly before His throne.
In a moment he stood high.
His clothes as righteous robes;
His sight as trembling skies.
In majesty His word rings out,
Before that fateful call.
The time has come.
The day is here to set my standard tall.
He called them out one by one,
To hear them say their all.
They had no words to justify.,
They had no words at all.
He commanded that they speak,
Declare your deeds to all.
When all was said and done,
Before that righteous King;
A just call came from the throne,
That blasted with a ring.
Truth and mercy I’ve proclaimed,
To you all your days;
Yet neither would you have,
Nor would you recieve.
Depart from me you curs├ęd thing,
For you shall never be!
I am Truth and mercy.
And you are not born of Me.

Sept 16, 2010