Total Tender


Total tender my life shall be
For God is all in all.
Living life though my veins
Christ blood flows to all.
In my weakness I utterly fail
To live my Saviors call.
Yet His I am and will forever be
made His by His captive call.
Total captive by His light
In utter lighted night.
Made to be His servant
By my settled right.
In Him all are called
And to Him all will answer.
It wonders the mind
And settles the soul
And sets the Spirit to flight.
He is ours and we are His
And by grace will be made right.
Total tender my life shall be
For God is all in all.


The Knight


The Knight

Blinded by enemy steps,
Washed of all that can be seen.
God alone to sure thy steps,
On incorporeal ground.
Sent to fight a war untold of far beyond enemies.
This is where knights of light mark their battleground.
We rest alone with one weapon gripped tightly in our hands.
‘Tis faith in Thee alone, our one true and holy God.
And by Your grace we’ll lose no hold of that faithful blade,
Until Thy kingdom come.
In blind knights’ hands,
‘Tis grace which gives this surest weapon.
It cuts deepest in the dark and faithful ’til the end.
Soldiers of light, grab thy blade and march forth in the darkness.
Leave thy way and find the path of thy righteousness.
Embrace the faithful King.
He died upon the field.
He calls you to the same.
It may be by way of one thousand cuts or with one tortured test.
In this the knight is blessed;
To die upon the field with blade still in hand.
Keep thy faith.
Keep thy way.
Courage is for today.
Glory is for tomorrow.
Mercy is for thy King. And you are in His war.
Are you with He?
This is the question for thy soul.
Will you die to truly be?

September 9, 2013

The Judge


The Judge stands boldly before His throne.
In a moment he stood high.
His clothes as righteous robes;
His sight as trembling skies.
In majesty His word rings out,
Before that fateful call.
The time has come.
The day is here to set my standard tall.
He called them out one by one,
To hear them say their all.
They had no words to justify.,
They had no words at all.
He commanded that they speak,
Declare your deeds to all.
When all was said and done,
Before that righteous King;
A just call came from the throne,
That blasted with a ring.
Truth and mercy I’ve proclaimed,
To you all your days;
Yet neither would you have,
Nor would you recieve.
Depart from me you curséd thing,
For you shall never be!
I am Truth and mercy.
And you are not born of Me.

Sept 16, 2010

The Cursed Blessed One

The Cursed Blessed One

Come all ye sinners old and young,
Into the house of the Only Son.
Step not slow grasp grace fast,
For we know not which hour be last.
Grace pours freely from the throne,
Both broad and wide He calls His own.
Come all ye sinners,
Come to the beloved Son.
We cry truly as the one,
As one blessed through the only Son.
The one beloved His only Bride,
Grace rains down at His side.
To heal and sooth the unjust pains,
From years of scattered useless gains.
The Blessed is coming,
Lift thy eyes.
May glory, praise and honor be,
From us unto the Trinity.
Praise Him. Praise Him. He is One.
The One who comes as the Cursed Blessed One.
To be saved sinner embrace the Son,
Be ye one with the Cursed Blessed One.                                       October 17, 2012

Crucifixion_1565 - Tintoretto

The Soul of a Pilgrim


The Soul of a Pilgrim

Set deep within rests my restless soul,
For in You in You alone does my life rest whole.
Blazing flames of tortured steps, to mark the days until that rest.
Prayers for power and patience rise, like smoke in the moon lite skies.
Grace descends like rain on high, poured deep within to lift my eyes.
Saints and sinners walk this path,
The path of sorrow that bursts full at last.
Grains of sin fall from the hour glass, emptied of their unjust mass.
Carry me unto that home of no more sorrow no more tears,
Where we may rest in endless years.
Sacrificial union with Christ Divine, both flesh and spirit for all time.
Praise, glory and honor be to the Most Blessed Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Three in One and One in Three,
Come to save both you and me.

 October 12, 2012