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By the amazing grace of God, I am quite open about my relationship and commitment to Christ and to His blessed Kingdom. The greatest blessings in my life are having been married since, 2001, to a woman most worthy of love. We are blessed with four wonderful children born not only of me and my beloved, but also born of God by His preordained plan of adoption into His beloved people, the Church, by water and the Spirit. I do dislike remaining some what anonymous, but it seem to be best out here; at least for now on my blog. I am a relatively recent convert into the fullness of the Catholic Church, which I by grace have come to see as the visibly unified Blessed Bride of Christ, though we make her beauty hard to see through our ever present sins within Christ’s mystical body. I do welcome any inquirer’s questions of my movement into full communion with the Church, which occurred during the Easter season of 2012 out of a Reformed/Protestant background. I know it can seem quite confusing why anyone would become Catholic. It was quite a shock to me. My hope and my prayer is that all my words be pleasing to God and my blog space would provide a place of mutual respect in which people of mutual and differing views would be able to discuss their differences and commonalities with utterly Christ like love for each other. The Spirit and the Bride say come and I join them in their welcoming call to each of His children and to the One Lord of us all, revealed in Jesus Christ who reins with God the Father forever more.

Blessings and peace through Christ our Lord,


My Testimony

My Testimony


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