The Cursed Blessed One

The Cursed Blessed One

Come all ye sinners old and young,
Into the house of the Only Son.
Step not slow grasp grace fast,
For we know not which hour be last.
Grace pours freely from the throne,
Both broad and wide He calls His own.
Come all ye sinners,
Come to the beloved Son.
We cry truly as the one,
As one blessed through the only Son.
The one beloved His only Bride,
Grace rains down at His side.
To heal and sooth the unjust pains,
From years of scattered useless gains.
The Blessed is coming,
Lift thy eyes.
May glory, praise and honor be,
From us unto the Trinity.
Praise Him. Praise Him. He is One.
The One who comes as the Cursed Blessed One.
To be saved sinner embrace the Son,
Be ye one with the Cursed Blessed One.                                       October 17, 2012

Crucifixion_1565 - Tintoretto


2 thoughts on “The Cursed Blessed One

  1. theoldadam says:

    Great poem!

    Full of grace and Christ!

    Thanks, Michael!

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